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The Calorie Counts for Running

by Chris Callaway

About Chris Callaway

Chris Callaway started writing professionally in 2007 and has worked as sports editor, managing editor and senior editor of "The Racquet" as well as written for the "La Crosse Tribune" and other newspapers in western Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Bachelor of Arts in English and communications.


For an excellent cardio workout many people choose to run. As a cardiovascular exercise running raises your heart rate and burns calories quickly. Whether you run on a treadmill, the trail or pound the pavement, the number of calories you burn while running varies, depending on how much you weigh, how fast you run and the amount of time you run. You can burn even more calories by running uphill or varying your intensity through speed intervals.

Slow Pace

Running between a 10-minute and 12-minute mile is a slow pace. If you run at this pace for an hour you will run between 5 and 6 miles. During an hour of running a 12-minute mile, a 130-lb. person will burn 472 calories, a 155-lb. person will burn 563 calories and a 190-lb. person will burn 690 calories. During an hour of running at 10-minute mile pace, someone who weighs 130 lbs. will burn 590 calories, someone who weighs 155 lbs. will burn 704 calories and someone who weighs 190 lbs. will burn 949 calories.

Moderate Pace

If you run 7 miles in an hour, you are running a mile in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. During an hour of running at this moderate pace, a person who weighs 130 lbs. will burn 679 calories, someone who weighs 155 lbs. will burn 809 calories and someone who weighs 190 lbs. will burn 992 calories.

Fast Pace

If you run at a quick pace of 9 mph, it will take you 6 minutes and 30 seconds to run a mile. Doing this for an hour will burn 885 calories for a 130-lb. person, 1,056 calories for a 155-lb. person and 1,294 calories for a 190-lb. person.

Adding Intervals

Try interval training to boost the number of calories you burn. Varying your heart rate during a workout makes it more intense so you burn more calories, according to Dixie Douville, master instructor for Madd Dogg Athletics. Vary intensity by switching between sprinting and jogging. You can also vary intensity by switching between running uphill and running on a flat surface.

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