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Easy Calorie Burning Foods

by Jacques Courseault

About Jacques Courseault

As a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician I have extensive experience in musculoskeletal/neurological medicine that will benefit the network.


Choosing low-calorie, high-fiber foods is generally considered to be the easiest method of losing weight. High-fiber foods burn more calories during digestion because the intestines use additional energy to propel high fiber foods through the tract. Further, high-fiber foods are generally low in calories, which helps prevent weight gain. Combine regular exercise with the proper diet to burn calories easily.


Raspberries are undoubtedly a high-fiber food containing 8 g of fiber per serving. Because of the high fiber content, your digestive tract will have to work to move fiber through it. Additional digestive activity will allow your body to burn more calories at rest. Additionally, 1 cup of raspberries only contains 64 total calories, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Include raspberries in your breakfast, or enjoy as a snack during the day to burn calories.

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti

Avoid spaghetti made from white, refined flour if you want to increase your calories burned during digestion. White spaghetti is a simple carbohydrate that is digested quickly and causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. Excess sugar in your blood is then stored as fat, which lead to weight gain. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole-wheat spaghetti, are high in fiber and take longer to digest. Because of the slow digestive process, your body will continually use calories absorbed for many hours after eating as your intestines take longer to digest whole-wheat pasta. When possible, substitute white pasta and rice with whole-wheat varieties.


Fruits such as apples and pears are easy calorie-burning foods because these foods contain 4 or 5 g of fiber per serving. Although fruits contain a significant amount of sugar, it is released slowly over time, which makes the calories released easy to burn. Set a goal to eat at least two to three servings per day of fruit. Include fruits with breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Bran Flakes

Substitute high-calorie, low-fiber cereals with bran flakes for your morning breakfast. Your digestive tract also takes more time to digest bran flakes, resulting in a slow release of calories into your body. Because the calories are released slowly, few, if any, are stored as fat. Include raisins into your bran flakes to supplement taste and fiber intake. You may also choose to snack on bran flakes during the day, or occasionally replace lunch or dinner with a bran-flake meal.

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