What Exercise Machines Work the Triceps?

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Your triceps, formally known as the triceps brachii, are the muscles located on the back of your upper arm, opposite your biceps. As the fitness website ExRx.net explains, your triceps drive a variety of movements, such as flexing and extending your arm at the elbow. There are many exercise machines that can train your triceps, but be sure to read all machine instructions before using them to ensure safety.

Dip Machine

The dip machine is comprised of a seat with a handle on each side, both of which are parallel with the floor. To perform the triceps-training exercise on this machine, push down on the handles as far as you can, using a weight you can move without struggling. The dip machine is highly effective because it mimics the motion of weighted dips, which exercise website Project Swole calls one of the top five triceps exercises.

Military Press Machine

The military press machine moves your arms through the same motion as the dumbbell military press, which involves pushing against a resistance above your head. As fitness resource MyFit.ca notes, the military press machine works a number of muscles other than the triceps, including your shoulders.

Triceps Pushdown Station

The triceps pushdown station isolates your triceps, as you grip a metal bar in front of your face and use your triceps to bend your elbows and push the bar down toward the floor. This. exercise mimics the close-grip bench press, which is the best triceps exercise, according to Project Swole.

Smith Machine

The Smith machine is a machine on which you can perform a variety of exercises for your entire body. One of the most effective triceps exercises you can perform on the Smith machine is the incline triceps extension. Online fitness resource Muscle and Strength suggests setting the Smith machine bench at a 30- to 45-degree incline. To perform this exercise, sit in the chair and perform a bench press as you normally would, extending your arms as far as you can without locking out your elbows. Muscle and Strength notes that this exercise completely isolates your triceps, and does not work a secondary muscle group.

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