Foot Exercises After a Bone Spur Operation

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Bone spurs are tiny pieces of bone that develop along the edges of your bones. Bone spurs can also be found in connection points such as your joints, ligaments and tendons. In your foot, bone spurs typically occur in the heel.They may go undetected for years because they usually have no symptoms. However, some foot bone spurs may cause pain and decreased range of motion. If bone spurs are a continuous problem, they can be surgically removed. After surgery, it is necessary to increase strength and range of motion in your foot. This can be accomplished through foot exercises. Consult your doctor before beginning exercise following foot surgery.

ABC Exercise

Keeping your foot and ankle moving after foot surgery is important to your recovery. The ABC exercise can be completed while seated. Use your big toe to "write" the letters of the alphabet in the air. Your letters will start out small and become larger as the range of motion in your foot increases, according to the Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina. Avoid bending your knees and hips when doing this exercise, and use only your foot and ankle to make the motions. Keep your leg extended as you complete the ABCs. Complete three sets throughout the day.

Ankle Circles

Ankle circles can be completed while seated or standing. You can complete ankle circles virtually anywhere at anytime. Simply make circles using your ankle only. Make circles clockwise and counterclockwise, instructs the Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina. Repeat one set of 20 ankle circles, three times each day.

Toe Raises

Toe raises can help to increase strength in your foot following surgery. Stand up straight with your feet planted flat on the ground. Slowly rise up onto your toes. Hold this position for a few seconds and lower yourself to the starting position. Perform this exercise twice a day if possible. Complete one set of 10 repetitions.

Toe and Heel Walking

Toe and heel walking are functional strengthening exercises, according to the Sports Injury Clinic. Perform these exercises while barefoot. Walk across a room on your tiptoes. Try to complete eight sets of this exercise each day, walking for 15 to 20 seconds at a time on your toes. Take a 20 second break in between. Following the same repetitions and duration, do the exercise by walking on your heels. If you experience discomfort, stop.

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