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The best approach to getting in shape is to focus on your entire body rather than specific “trouble” areas. It’s impossible to spot-reduce to lose fat in only one area. A full body-sculpting workout regimen targets all of your major muscle groups during each workout. A routine that works your whole body is the most efficient, effective way to sculpt your muscles and shape up all over.

High Intensity Interval Training

Sculpting your body comes down to getting rid of the layer of fat that covers your muscles. High intensity interval training can help you achieve this goal. Interval training works by using a short “rest” between equally short “work” intervals to keep your body guessing during the workout. HIIT does not allow your body to get comfortable with your workout routine, and your muscles work harder this way, resulting in a greater fat-burning potential, according to Corrie Pikul writing for the Huffington Post online. Do 30- to 60-second high-intensity intervals using an aerobic machine, running outdoors or doing another aerobic activity for 20 to 30 minutes per workout.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is similar to HIIT as a high-intensity training regimen that helps you burn fat. Circuit training helps you build muscle at the same time. The result is that you can sculpt your body fast and efficiently. This full-body training regimen works by choosing 5 to 10 different resistance training exercises to complete one after the other with little rest in between. Do a total of two or three circuits per workout, and rest a few minutes between each. A sample full-body circuit training workout may include squats, bench presses, deadlifts, biceps curls, triceps dips, shoulder presses and calf raises.

Three-Day Regimen

Use a three-day-a-week workout regimen to get a full-body workout in 60 minutes or less per session. The key points are to have at least one day of rest between each workout, lift heavy weights, and perform one exercise per muscle group. Do two to four sets of each exercise and 10 to 12 repetitions. A sample workout may include bent-over barbell rows, bench presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, squats, barbell curls, triceps dips, calf raises and hanging leg raises.

Simple Resistance Training

Even if you don’t have access to expensive gym equipment, you can sculpt your body using simple resistance training exercises. These exercises help build muscle and burn calories. A stable bench or chair, and heavy objects such as dumbbells or even a 1-gallon milk jug filled with water are helpful. Use the same rules as the circuit training or three-day workout regimens. A sample full-body workout can include pushups, squats, biceps curls, dips, crunches, standing calf raises, single-arm bent-over rows and jumping jacks.

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