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What Is the Goji Berry Good For?

by Danielle Hall

About Danielle Hall

Based in Southern California, Danielle Hall has been researching and writing in the area of health behaviors since 2007. Her area of expertise is health disparity reduction through behavioral change. Hall holds a Master of Science in psychology and a Ph.D. in psychology from Walden University.


Gogi berries come from the vine of a plant in the same family as potatoes, tomatoes and chili peppers. The plant is native to southern Europe and Asia and has been used as an ingredient in preparation in traditional Chinese medicine. However, you should seek the advice of a medical professional before trying to prevent, treat or cure any condition with goji berry.

Skin Protection

Gogi berries are important in Chinese medicine since they have immunity boosting properties, according to a study published in 2010 in “Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences.” Goji berry juice was found to protect the skin of hairless mice. After being exposed to simulated UV rays, mice that consumed goji berry juice had less sunburn damage than mice that did not receive the gogi berry juice. Therefore, the researchers suspect that goji berry juice may help protect humans from sun damage.


Goji berry juice may help improve eye health. A study of elderly adults published in February 2001 in “Optometry and Vision Science” found that goji berry juice protected the macula from damage. The macula is the yellow-pigmented area of the retina of the eye. The participants supplemented with goji berry juice for 90 days.

Prostate Cancer

Goji berry may help men with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can also spread to other areas of the body. A study published in September 2009 in the “Journal of Medicinal Food” found that goji berry led to apoptosis, or the death of human prostate cancer cells. In mice, goji berry was found to reduce the weight of prostate cancer tumors.


A study published in April 2008 in the “FASEB Journal” assessed the safety of goji berry juice using a rat model. The researchers assessed toxicity after a 14 day period of goji berry consumption and did not find any adverse effects. Specifically, they did not find any tissue damage to organs. Also, none of the rats in the study died even with a maximum dosage. Therefore, the researchers concluded that goji berry juice is safe for ingestion.

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