Hospital Vegetable Soup Diet

by Megan Smith

When you're in a rush to lose weight, eating vegetable soup may seem like a fast and effective way to drop excess pounds. But when vegetable soup is all you're eating, it becomes an unsafe and unsustainable fad diet. Talk to your doctor if you must try a fad diet, especially if you have health conditions or allergies.


The vegetable soup diet, also known as the Sacred Heart diet, is a fad diet that has been passed around the Internet as a quick and purportedly doctor-recommended way to lose weight. The diet is erroneously associated with accredited hospitals, including the Sacred Heart Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic Diet, the Spokane Heart Diet and the Miami Heart Institute Diet. These hospitals claim no association to the fad diet and do not recommend the diet as a safe or effective way to lose weight.


The vegetable soup diet instructs dieters to eat as much of a homemade vegetable soup concoction as desired for seven days. The vegetable soup contains low-calorie ingredients such as green onions, stewed tomatoes, celery, green beans, green peppers, carrots, seasonings and beef broth. Additionally, dieters are instructed to eat one food group, like only fruit or only vegetables, every day. The diet is extremely low in calories and eliminates carbohydrates, allowing dieters to drop weight rapidly.


Although the vegetable soup diet might help you lose weight, this is mostly water weight. When you consume far fewer calories than your usually do, your body sheds water and attempts to store as much fat as possible. After the week-long vegetable soup diet is over and you resume your normal diet, you are likely to gain all of the weight back again.

Healthier Weight-Loss Plans

Instead of starving your body by eating a low-calorie vegetable soup concoction, eat a nutritious variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein in moderation. Substitute sources of saturated fat, such as red meat and butter with sources of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, such as fish and olive oil. Supplement your new diet with a daily exercise program to lose weight and keep the pounds off for good.

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