How to Remove a Snowboard Toe Strap

by Courtney McCaffrey

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Broken binding straps are one of the most common repairs made on a snowboard. You can usually find a new strap in any board shop or even the tech shop at your local mountain. A board should not be ridden with a broken strap, so you need to be able to complete this easy fix and get back on the hill.

Step 1

Find where the strap is broken. The ratchet on the padded part of the toe strap can be dysfunctional, making it impossible to tighten or loosen the binding. If only the plastic toe strap that slides into the ratchet is broken, you have a slightly cheaper part to replace.

Step 2

Disconnect the padded ratchet strap from the plastic strap if possible. Cut the plastic strap close to where it attaches to the base of the binding if the ratchet will not come loose. You may be able to fix the ratchet once you have the straps completely disconnected from the binding.

Step 3

Unscrew the broken strap where it meets the base of the binding. The strap can usually be unscrewed with a hex wrench on a snowboard tool, but some bindings use Phillips head screws. Unscrew both straps at the base of the binding if you had to cut the plastic strap.

Items you will need

  • Allen wrench or Phillips head screwdriver


  • Salvage the padded ratchet strap if possible. A replacement ratchet strap is more difficult to find and always more expensive than the plastic strap.


  • Avoid damaging your snowboard by trying to force the broken toe strap to come loose. If you can't remove the straps at the base of the binding yourself, take the board to a board or tech shop where a trained professional can make the repair.

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