How to Run Faster in Two Weeks Step-by-Step

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Improving your speed as a runner requires mixing up your running schedule. Simply picking up the pace on your regular run isn't enough to create significant improvement. Trying to run faster may result in fatigue before you've reached your distance mark or lead to injury. A two-week interval training routine will challenge you enough to deliver gains in running speed and endurance.

Step 1

Replace distance running twice a week with interval training. Alternate short-distance sprints for 30 to 60 seconds with longer slower paced runs. Exercise physiologist Dr. Keith Tolfrey says that running three interval sessions for one week is as effective for boosting speed as a two-week program of steady, extended exercise.

Step 2

Start at your regular pace during a regular run, then at the halfway mark, increase your speed to your goal pace. Run your goal pace for a couple of miles. During the last part of your run, slow down to your regular pace.

Step 3

Add stretching at the end of your workout. Improving your flexibility helps prevent injury and improves range of motion that can lead to a faster pace. Further, stretching assists in muscle recovery. Don't focus only on leg muscles; your core muscles -- abs and back -- are important to running as well.

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  • Don't interval train on consecutive days.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Rest at least one day a week so your muscles can recover.

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