Superset Workout Programs

by Jolie Johnson


A superset is an advanced weight training technique or intensity technique. Intensity is an important factor for continued progress and results. Advanced training techniques such as supersets take your workout to a higher level without adding more volume. A superset is two to three exercise sets performed immediately after the other with as little rest as possible in between. Incorporate supersets into your workouts and pump some new energy into your routine.

Antagonist Superset Workout

An antagonist superset is performing two exercises back to back for opposing muscle groups. An antagonist muscle moves the joint in the opposite manner of the agonist muscle. Examples of opposing muscle groups include quads/hamstrings, chest/back and biceps/triceps. Set up your superset stations prior to starting the workout so you can move from one exercise to the next with no rest. For the chest and back, perform dumbbell chest presses immediately followed by bent over dumbbell rows. Leg extensions superset with leg curls will hit the quads and hamstrings. To finish off the workout, perform barbell curls with skull crushers. This antagonist superset workout hits all the major muscles.

Pre-exhaust Superset Workout

Pre-exhausting a muscle refers to performing an isolation exercise prior to a compound exercise targeting the same muscle. Chest flyes will isolate and fatigue the chest before you move to chest presses. For this workout, choose one isolation exercise and one compound exercise for each major muscle. For shoulders, combining lateral raises with overhead presses will work. For the quads, you could do leg extensions with squats. Perform the isolation exercise with relatively light weight for about 15 repetitions. Immediately move to the compound exercise using a heavier weight where you fatigue between six to 10 repetitions.

Giant Superset Workout

Giant supersets are somewhat similar to circuit training. Three exercises are chained together and performed with no rest. Any three exercises can be used so this style of superset is the most versatile. Set up two giant supersets, one for the upper body and one for the lower body. Chest presses, chin-ups, and overhead dumbbell presses will hit all the major muscles of the upper body. For the lower body giant superset, perform squats, deadlifts and calf raises. Do the upper body giant superset, rest about two minutes, then do the lower body giant superset. Perform each superset two to three times.

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