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Consumerresearch.com reports that multi-gyms can save you time by giving you a strength-training workout at home. A multi-gym can provide hundreds of exercises for a full-body workout. Plate-loaded multi-gyms may have one or more weight stacks that are attached to one or more workout stations, to serve more than one person at a time.

Upper-Body Pushing

Multi-gyms may feature adjustable arms for a variety of upper-body pushing workouts. An upper-body pushing workout on a multi-gym may include the flat bench press, incline bench press and shoulder press. The flat and incline bench press target your pectoral muscles. The shoulder press targets your deltoids.

Upper-Body Pulling

Overhead pulleys and adjustable arms on a multi-gym offer exercises such as lat pulldowns, high rows, low rows and seated rows. Adjustable arms and cables for upper-body pulling workouts may offer 10 or more different positions to target several muscle groups. Rowing exercises target most of the muscles in your middle and upper back including your middle and upper trapezius. Seated rows target your middle and lower back. Pulldown exercises target your latissimus dorsi.

Lower Body

Multi-gyms may include components for a full lower-body workout. Your multi-gym may have a leg press station as well as leg extension, leg curl and calf raise components. Leg press and leg extension exercises target the quadriceps, leg press exercises work your gluteus muscles, and leg curl exercises target your hamstrings. The calf raise station on a multi-gym typically looks like a block that is flush with the floor for toe raises. You can also use the leg press station to perform calf exercises.


Adjustable bars and pulleys may provide workouts that target your midsection, or core. Your multi-gym may include an abdominal crunch station, hip abduction arms or pulleys. Gripping straps attached to an overhead abdominal pulley above a seat may offer a variety of crunch exercises depending on the direction you point your knees while seated.

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