Can I Eat Bread Before My Pregnancy Glucose Testing?

Doctors test the blood glucose levels of pregnant women to see if they have developed gestational diabetes. If you have gestational diabetes and do not receive proper treatment, it can cause problems for your baby, including difficulty breathing, hypoglycemia at birth and a difficult delivery due to the baby's large size. There are two glucose tests that pregnant woman may take -- one has no food stipulations, and the other requires fasting.


Pregnancy Glucose Tests

The first pregnancy glucose test administered is called a glucose challenge screening, which involves drinking a specially designed beverage that contains large amounts of sugar. An hour after consumption, you will receive a blood test and your glucose levels will be evaluated. If you sugar levels are too high, your doctor will then do a longer test called a glucose tolerance test, in which you consume the sugary drink once again and have your blood tested every hour for three hours to determine whether you have gestational diabetes.

Pre-Test Instructions

Before the glucose challenge screening, you can eat normally, so you may eat bread if you like. However, before the glucose tolerance test, you have to fast for eight to 14 hours. All you can have is a few sips of water during this time, so most women schedule the test early in the morning. You should follow these instructions since eating anything -- including bread -- could skew the results.


Normal results for the glucose tolerance test are less than 95 mg per dL after fasting, less than 180 mg per dL one hour after drinking the beverage containing 100 g of glucose, less than 155 mg per dL after two hours and less than 140 mg per dL after three hours. If your levels are higher than this for at least two out of the four blood draws, you have gestational diabetes.


If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will have to follow a special diet and regularly test your blood sugar levels to make sure the diet is working. While you may have bread before your test, if you test positive for gestational diabetes, you may have to limit your bread intake afterwards.


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