Foods to Avoid Colic When Breastfeeding

Colic, which is a condition that occurs in some newborn babies, causes periods of excessive fussiness and crying around the same time each day. Doctors have not been able to determine the exact cause of colic, although it is speculated that certain foods eaten by a breastfeeding mother may contribute to colic. If you believe your baby has colic, you can begin to eliminate certain foods from your diet one at a time to find out if a particular food is upsetting your baby. Consult your child’s pediatrician for further recommendations and treatment options.



Dr. Sears explains that dairy foods may cause colic in some babies because of lactose intolerance. Eliminating foods such as milk, ice cream, butter, heavy cream, cheese and yogurt may be necessary for a short time to find out if these foods and beverages are causing stomach discomfort.


Foods with caffeine that act as stimulants may should be removed from the diet while nursing to decrease colic. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks should be avoided. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which may cause discomfort to the baby.

Citrus and Other Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are thought by some to cause symptoms of colic in babies. Other fruits like grapes, mangoes and strawberries may also contribute to colic. Reducing or eliminating some of these foods may help with colic symptoms.


Some vegetables may transfer to the baby through the breast milk and cause gas in the baby. These vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, onions, green peppers, cauliflower and dried beans. When a baby cannot pass the gas by herself, it may build up in her system and cause pain.


Some spices may pass through the breast milk and cause discomfort and gas in newborn babies. Spices such as cayenne pepper, oregano, sage, rosemary, marjoram, thyme and chili powder may contribute to fussiness and discomfort.


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