Home Exercises to Align the Spine

Keeping your spine healthy goes a long way toward maintaining your health as you begin to get older. Your spine is responsible for supporting the weight of your body, and keeping it healthy can prevent back pain and help you live an active life. Spinal alignment, also known as spinal stabilization, exercises ensure that your back is in proper alignment to keep it healthy and pain free. Check with your doctor if you’re experiencing back pain to ensure that these exercises are right for you.


Single Leg Raise

Lie on your back with your left leg bent and your right leg extended. Tighten your stomach muscles and lift your right leg off the ground about 6 inches. Move your extended leg in a circle for 10 repetitions, then form a square with your leg for 10 repetitions. Repeat 10 times using each leg. As you become more accustomed to this exercise, form letters or other symbols with your raised leg.

Lying Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back with both legs extended and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Lift your right leg off the ground with your knee bent and grab your leg with both hands behind your thigh. Slowly straighten your right leg until you feel a stretch in your lower back and along the back of your right thigh. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and repeat. Perform 10 repetitions of this exercise on each leg.

Kneeling Lunge

Begin this exercise from a kneeling position with both hands on your hips. Tighten you abdominal and butt muscles and move your right foot out in front of your body with the sole of your foot on the floor and the knee bent. Keep your shoulders directly over your hips while you press your hips forward until you feel a stretch in your hips and left thigh. Hold this position for about five seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with your legs bent and the soles of your feet on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and breathe out to relax. Breathe in and tighten the muscles of your abdomen until you feel the small of your back press into the floor. This position will rotate your hips forward slightly, helping to align your spine. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times.


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