Natural Foods That Settle the Stomach

An upset stomach, bloating and cramps have various causes including food-borne bacteria, viruses and food allergies. Natural foods that are soothing to the stomach may help diminish symptoms. These foods promote the digestion of food in the stomach and are easy to digest. They helps settle tummy distress by relaxing the digestive muscles, improving its ability to manage increased acid levels and reducing gas buildup.


Clear Liquids

Clear liquids such as apple juice, ginger ale and chicken broth are beneficial for an upset stomach. They are easier to digest than milky liquids and food and the nutrients from clear liquids is absorbed more readily. Clear liquids also pass out of the body faster than milky liquids and solid food. These light fluids help keep you hydrated without leaving any residue in the digestive tract. UCLA recommends trying clear liquids as the first remedy to settle your stomach.


Foods that contain peppermint can help settle your stomach and reduce indigestion. Peppermint works by relaxing the stomach muscles, which in turn increases bile absorption and speeds up digestion. This plant herb is also a digestive aid and may help purge your stomach from a troublesome food. Try peppermint tea after a heavy meal to help settle your stomach.


Ginger soothes the stomach by increasing bile and gastric juice production. This makes digestion easier and reduces digestive discomfort. Ginger also relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract helping to relieve problems with nausea, bloating and gas. Ginger ale is a good source of ginger for indigestion and other stomach problems.


Bananas work well for nausea because they are a bland food. They also stimulate production of mucous in the stomach. Mucous protects the lining of the stomach from stomach acids and any additional mucous increases the stomach’s ability to cope with foods that would normally upset it. Bananas and other bland foods should be added to your diet only if you are able to keep clear liquids down.


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