Pushup Exercises for the Inner Pecs

Pushups are one of the best ways to build your chest muscles, arm muscles and the muscle groups between your shoulders in your back. You can modify your pushup exercises to focus on specific parts of your chest, including your inner pectorals. These modifications are easy to accomplish and practice during your workout and may lead to impressive results for your inner chest.



According to the FitnessHealthZone.com, your pectoral muscles are the large muscle groups that cover your rib cage, connect to your collar bone, breastbone and to the cartilage for many of your ribs. The muscles help with many of your everyday arm movements, such as flexion and extension of your upper arms. You can strengthen the major and minor pectoral muscles in your chest via pushups.

Narrow Pushups

One method you can use to strengthen your inner chest muscles is a narrow pushup technique. Kneel on the floor and place your hands on the ground in front of you, roughly one foot apart from each other. Extend your legs behind your back to assume the pushup position. Placing your hands close to each other in this manner requires your inner pectoral muscles to work harder as you lower and lift your body.

Elevated Pushups

Another exercise modification to build your inner chest muscles is the elevated, or raised, pushup. Place two phone books or similar object on the floor approximately at shoulder-width apart from each other. Assume your pushup position by placing your hands on each book and extend your legs back to a full plank position. This exercise also forces your inner chest to work harder in order to complete each repetition.


You should only begin a new workout program after first speaking to your doctor and being cleared for exercise. If you feel pain in your arms, shoulders or chest during exercise, stop immediately and seek medical attention. Always allow for adequate rest between sets and drink plenty of water to remain hydrated while exercising.


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