Resistance Tubing Twist Board Exercise Guide

The resistance tubing twist board exercise device incorporates two fitness equipment concepts. The board, which resembles a Lazy Susan, consists of two circular plates with a ball bearing attachment in the center. Some manufacturers make a product that attaches two resistance tubes to the disc plates, which facilitates upper body strength training. These products are inexpensive, so consider purchasing two boards to expand your exercise repertory.


Pilates-Inspired Exercise

Pilates instructor, Feldenkrais practitioner and physical therapist Elizabeth Larkam developed a series of Pilates-evolved exercises that involve rotational movements. These exercises work best on two boards. Stand with one foot on each twist board. Hold one tubing handle from each board in each hand, and bring the handles toward your body's center. This keeps you from initiating the exercise with your upper body. Begin by stabilizing your upper body, and rotating your feet and turning your hips to the right and the left. Then, stabilize your lower body, and rotate your upper body to the right and left. Perform 10 repetitions of each movement. Once you've practiced the coordination, rotate your lower body to the right, and your upper body to the left. Repeat on the other side. The bands provide extra resistance for the oblique muscles.

Stabilizing Muscles

This series does not use the twist board's rotational movements. Instead, it focuses on steadying your ankle to enhance lower-leg stability. Placing your foot on the twist board increases leg flexion and targets more hamstring muscle fibers. Step one foot on the board. Step back with the opposite foot, and lift your heel so that you are in a lunge position. Hold each tube handle with each hand, and begin with your arms extended by your sides. Keep your body upright and bend both knees to perform the lunge. Simultaneously raise your arms to the side at shoulder height to perform a lateral raise. Switch sides after performing 12 repetitions. Next, repeat the lunge, but raise your arms in front of your body to perform a front shoulder raise.

Twist and Curl

The board enables a rotational workout while you work your upper body. Stand upright on the board, and hold each tube handle with each hand. Extend your arms by your sides, with your palms facing straight ahead and your elbows pressed to your waistline. Stabilize your upper body as you twist your hips to the right, simultaneously performing a biceps curl with the left arm. Repeat on the other side. Do a total of 20 repetitions or 10 to each side.

Rotary Sport Training

Rotational movements play a key role in sport-specific training. Coaches use the wood chop exercise for skiing, tennis, golf, baseball and other rotary sports. Using two boards gives you a wider, athletic-ready stance. Stand with one foot on each board, and hold one tube handle from each board in each hand, keeping your arms extended. Begin by bending your knees, rotating your upper body to the right and reaching down toward your right foot. Extend your legs as you unwind, twist your torso to the left and raise the tube handles toward the ceiling. Perform 10 repetition on each side.


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